Easy to wear, cutting-edge and young at heart—MissOneOfAkind embodies a sophisticated aesthetic. The brand updates classic silhouettes with daring twists, resulting in tailored pieces designed to mix and match for the busy women in todays society. Our approach is to design garments with creative details while remaining true to sensible clothing. We focus on creating sophisticated and intricately constructed pieces. Garments that withstand time as opposed to creating trendy garments which inevitably become dated after one or two seasons. Our goal is to produce versatile designs with a shelf life that will make them relevant 10, 20, or even 30 years from now.


23 year-old Designer Maria E. Cruz,  is a city girl  born and raised in Chicago.  Her upbringing was influenced by her fashion obsessed and artistic mother and hard working father. Maria credits both influential figure to her design aesthetic, personality, and love for all things in life. She completed her studies in Fashion Design at Columbia College this Spring 2013. Some looks from her Fall/Winter 2014 collection walked the runway during Autohaus Launch Fashion show sponsored by Mercedes Benz in Eden's. The full F/W Collection '14 was shown at Latino Fashion Week in Chicago.

As an artist, Maria relates to everyday existence through the many phases of design. She enjoy every aspect of the design process, from the inspiration to the research, the strategies, the development, and the finishing touches. Each step continually molds her perspective and approach to life. She openly welcome the challenge of innovation through handcrafted manipulation and continually look to evolve her skills through experimentation. As a designer and overall artist, Maria is naturally attracted to beautiful things, however, when it comes to fashion, beauty isn’t enough. She believes fashion is the highest form of expression because we live our lives in it. It is art, architecture, and movement all in one, so it should be functional and serve a purpose.