Fall/Winter 2014

The Fall/Winter’14 collection draws inspiration from Chicago architecture, notably the Aqua Tower. Maria paid meticulous attention to every linear detail of the structure. The Aqua Tower was designed by Jeanne Gang, and is the tallest building in the world designed by a woman.The architectural industry is male dominated, so she was fascinated to learn that a woman designed such a unique structure. In today’s society, women are coming up and proving to be just as capable as or able to exceed men.This idea inspired maria to design a collection of women's business wear. She wants women to look sophisticated and feel strong without loosing their femininity. The strength of Maria’s collection come from the unique details that give each piece a touch of femininity. When considering the architectural design, she took color blocking into another form. The manipulation of pleats was used to create texture within color blocked panels. Each piece In these fall looks can strongly stand on its own to represent Maria’s interpretation of the Aqua Tower seen through the lens of fashion.